Electronic Recycling Program

Did you know…

The Electronic Recycling Program, overseen by Recycle New Brunswick and managed by EPRA (Electronic Products Recycling Agency) was launched on March 30, 2017. This program is set to divert approximately 3,500 tonnes of electronic devices and equipment from the province’s landfills annually.


Why should I recycle my electronics?

Televisions, computers, digital cameras and fax machines all contain a hazardous material called cadmium, which we need to keep out of our landfill cells. These items also contain valuable materials such as copper and gold, which can be recycled and used to make new products. 


Where can I bring my electronics for recycling? 

Norrad’s Bottle Exchange
40 Albert Street
Sussex, New Brunswick
E4E 1K5


Norrad’s Bottle Exchange
401 William Bell Drive
Hampton, New Brunswick
E4E 1K5


What electronics are accepted?

*For more information on the Electronic Recycling Program and Recycle NB,
please visit their website: