Oil and Glycol Program

The new oil and glycol management program for New Brunswick began on January 1, 2014.  SOGHUOMA is operating the program on behalf of industry in New Brunswick. 
You can recycle:

  • Oil Containers of 50 litres or less
  • Glycol Containers of 50 litres or less
  • Glycol - Ethylene or propylene glycol used, or intended for use, as a vehicle or commercial engine coolant  but does not include the following:

    • plumbing antifreeze;
    • windshield washer antifreeze;
    • lock de-icer and antifreeze; and
    • gasoline and diesel fuel antifreeze.
  • Oil -  Petroleum or synthetic derived crankcase oil, engine oil and gear oil, and hydraulic fluid, transmission fluid and heat transfer fluid, and fluid used for lubricating in machinery and equipment.
  • Oil Filter - Any spin-on or element type fluid filter used in hydraulic, transmission or internal combustion engine applications (except  gasoline filters) which includes oil filters, a diesel fuel filters, oil storage tank fuel filters and household furnace oil filters.


For Program Details visit the sites below:

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