Recycle My Cell Program

Did you know …

Canada has a free recycling program for mobile devices and accessories. This is a national industry initiated program led by the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association (CWTA) to raise awareness about mobile device recycling. The goal of this program is to minimize the number of handsets entering Canada’s landfills.


Drop-off Location:

Bell Aliant

284 Main Street
Sussex, NB

To view other drop-off locations, please visit the recycle my cell website:


Accepted Products:


Cell phones
smart phones
wireless PDAs
external aircords
cell phone rechargeable batteries

Not Accepted:

cordless phones
non-wireless PDAs
Mp3 players
any battery not found in a cell phone (i.e. single use)
laptop computers
answering machines


Before recycling your device, please ensure that:

1. The account for the device has been fully paid and the service has been deactivated.

2. The SIM card is removed if there is one.

3. Clear your device of all personal information. Instructions for clearing all data from your particular device can be accessed on the recycle my cell website.

* More than 4,886,689 devices have been recycled in Canada since 2005. This is equivalent to 977 tonnes diverted from landfills!