Since June 2002, building permits are required throughout the province for the construction of a new building or structure as well as the demolition, relocation, alteration or replacement of an existing building or structure.

As the homeowner, you are responsible for obtaining the necessary permit(s). If you choose to have your contractor take out a permit on your behalf, make sure that it's done before the project gets started.

The primary role of the building permit is to protect the property owner and community by assuring that the proposed development is in conformity with regulations, by-laws, and the minimum standards set out in the National Building Code of Canada.

Within an area with a Rural Plan, the process for obtaining a building permit may take more time if a rezoning or variance is required. The process may also be longer for commercial, industrial or public buildings which usually require specific approvals.  It is therefore recommended that you submit your application a few weeks before you intend to start the work.

Electrical building permits are issued when a home owner is doing electrical work “only” on an “existing building”. If you are making changes, relocating, or demolishing a structure, you require a full building permit application.

Provincial regulation requires that an electrical building permit be acquired before your contractor or electrician can obtain their electrical wiring permit.  Therefore, make certain that you apply for your permit in advance of the date when work is intended to begin.

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